This campaign is an offshoot of the Hidden Dragons campaign. All the wiki sites and maps and npcs from that campaign are valid here but I did not copy them over. Mainly this is to keep the adventure logs separate.

You now all find yourselves on a ship just setting off sailing
south to other ports, from Port of Crux ; one of the larger cities among
the small-ish cities and town that dot Westron – a poor, pirate
infested, sparsely populated collection of maritime focused city states
covering the coastal land between the Great ocean and the massive desert
on the western edge of this continent. (picture shape of Portugal on
Spanish peninsula but smaller)

Fate has taken the party in a strange direction: Shipwreaked, lost in jungle, caught up in a pirate gang war, custodian of a rare magical artifact. What will jappen to them next?


Westron by the Ocean

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