Westron by the Ocean

Shipwreck starts an adventure

The party all boarded the Seafin to journey south to the city of Luskan after hearing the King of the city there put out a call to hire adventures, warriors, healer, wizards, clerics and others to support his war effort.

Capt Fravek gave a welcome speech to the party leaving no doubt he was against piracy. Lucky Harding got off on a bad foot withe Captain by making jokes during his speech..

First mate Malglorious handed out work assignments for the duration on board ship. Lucky again made rude comments and Malglorious assigned him night shift guard duty.

Catanya conflicted with a crewmen named Almeric . He was arrogant and haughty, telling she wouldn’t be able to catch a few rats. Later after he claimed responsibility for catching most of the rats, she tried to poison his food with rats meat. Unfortunately, he is paranoid as well and switched plates with Druid Zostick,. Priest Zeek however intervened after noticing the slight of hand and magically purified the food.

Grynn’s bad attitude got him in a confrontation with a few crew members as well, but Grynn was assigned cargo duty with crewman Dadaband.

Hallumi was assigned sail and rope maintenance with crewmen Zubin. He seemed to get along with Zubin, and leaned about his true love for his daggers, especially the one he got from Siron.

Malglorious welcomed Zeek back on board and assigned him healer duty. He asked Norin the Dwarf to take guard duty as well. Lee Harvin volunteered for night shift

Norin talked with Zostick briefly who remarked strangely that he knew Norin was having nightmares., nightmare related to the fate of the Dwarves and their recent mass exodus.

That night three Saugiun attacked. Dadaband died right away. Lucky scored a good hit, but one hit from the huge fish beast dropped him to the deck. Lee battled against one well, but eventually also fell to the deck. N the meantime the others awoke and joined the battle. Zeek’s healing saved Lucky’s life as well as Lees. Catanya and the Norin helped take the first Sauguin, and Hallumi’s war dog dispatched another. The third fell after being wounded by Lee and finished by Kopek the paladin. Who during the battle breathed a steam of fire on the beast to everyone’s amazement, before being critically wounded and saved by Zeek’s healing. [Zeek says that the Great Protector wants added that his Bless allowed three hits that would have been misses]

Afterwards the Captain thank everyone, and told them, the Sauguin attack have been getting worse lately. They held a burial at Sea for Dadaband. Lucky suspected the Captain of having something the fishheads wanted, but was told to mind his own business. Lucky sneaked down int he cargo hold but found only Fruit, barley and whiskey.

The next night was uneventful, but the third night the ship ran aground on a reef. It was taking on water barley and everyone began unloading the cargo crates to try to float them to shore. During that process a gang of pirates attacked.

The sorcerer Amerith knew the Captain and told him the ship was hers now. A pitched battle ensured on deck with Amerith cast sleep repeatedly on the crew and party. The Party managed to kill all the pirates, losing Alemeric to them and almost losing Zubin, if not for Zeeks healing. Almerith almost escaped with the row boats due to an invisibility potion, but Lee took her out with a well placed shot at the spot she should have been in the rowboat. Lee had also taken out the first pirate who had been pretending to be a rescuer, but Zeek’s healing saved him for later interrogation. We saw the War dog combat skills as well as Kopeck breath play a role in the battle. Lucky at one point save Norbin with a well timed back-stab of a pirate about to attack him.

The crew and party too the two row boats and all the cargo to shore, and set up camp. The Captain promised pay for the party if they would take out the rest of the pirates at their camp the prisoner told them about. Grynn and Lucky tried to scout the camp but were spotted as the pirates knew the party was there and were on the lookout.

The party debated nd planend for long time but arrived at plan eventually and attacked the camp by sneaking Grynn, Lucky and Catanya around the back and sneak attacking while Hallumi summoning a monkey in middle of the camp and Kopek setting the lookout tree on fire. Zostick helped by casting a special guidance spell on everyone.

The sneak attacks worked well, but the rain of arrows proved deadly , Kopek was critically wounded only to be saved from death by Zeek’s healing again. Hallumi and his dog and Norin charged in and fought off a the first mate of the pirates and assisted with other pirates while Catanya and the rogues moved in form the back. Catanya at one point tried to knock over a pirate in her rage filled charge, but was tripped instead. She was saved by a well timed attack from Lucky.

With all the pirates defeated they took stock of the STOLEN goods, and estimated about 1100 gold worth of meat, spirits, wine, cloth, copper ingots and other goods.

The Captain thanked them again, paid them each 5 gold, but told them the situation was dire. IT was long dangerous walk across this island to the only town and port. He asked them to make it while he stayed he and guarded the cargo. He did offer to send Dagaric or Zostick as they know ships and are knowledgeable enough to hire one.

They spared the prisoner life (to Lee’s dismay) in exchange for his swearing to join the Captain’s crew. He was handed of to the First mate Malglorious for “training”.

The party decided to rest up, recover, hunt for critically needed supplies, train a bit before setting out. Luckily there was plenty of “fresh” water in the barrels saved from the Seafin.



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