Captain Fravak Drâdha

Captain of Seafin, tall and muscular with short dark beard


Looks boldly at you with tight lips and narrowed gray eyes, eyes that seem to pierce the soul of those he studies. His arms are corded with tight muscle from years of seafaring life. His height towers over most of his crew, but doesn’t have to use his physical size to intimidate his crew. They all step respectfully around him, in good mood (usually) or not. In either, his voice often bellows across the ship given orders to some crewmember. He quick with justice when rules are broken, but enforce only a few rules. He has a habit of staring long at people, studying them , and doesn’t stop if noticed or questioned on it. Fravak has captain one ship or another for many years, but only recently came into possession of Seafin in the last year – by the way of a gambling bet.


Captain Fravak Drâdha

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