Katanya Ratan

Catkin (Cat-like human) Beautiful mixed tan and gray fur and green eyes


Catkin Barbarian, STR 17, DEX 20, CON 12, Int 12, Wis 5, Cha 15, AC 17, HP 13, Greatsword, and short bow.


Katanya grew up in the jungle village of Catmandia in the Whispering Grove area of Tysmarya, the Catkin homeland. Her parents were clan leaders. Her Father Geoffrey, as Chieftian fought many successful battles and was an excellent swordsman. Her mother was superb with a bow. Both taught her all they knew. They also had many stories to tell and much advice for Catanya’s future choices. Catanya wanted to head out on her own adventures, and live out her own stories. So, when her older brother Beshou announced he was leaving on an adventure she tagged along. Somewhere along the way, they were separated as a result of misleading directions from a mysterious stranger. She was not able to find him again. So now she follows a sparse trail of clues, which has lead her to this ship traveling south.

When you look at her you see a beautifully marked, tan and gray catkin woman, around 21 years old, with striking green eyes. She’s clad in a low cut blouse and slim leather pants (when not in her Studded lether armor which she looks really good in also). She has long braided brown hair and is armed with a short bow and Greatsword. They also might a few dagger hidden around her person. Her demeanor is confident, though a bit stand-offfish. She tend to observe those around her before initiating conversation or getting involved. She has quite a temper, and has learned from experience that getting involved can cause trouble especially if she looses her temper.

Since leaving her homeland she is getting more used to stares from the humans who have not seen Catkin before.

Katanya Ratan

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