Grynn Greenbottle

Halfsized rogue with terribily scared face


Rogue, Str 14, dex 20, con 17, int 17, wis 14, cha 6


“My name is Grynn (pronounced Grin) Greenbottle.” You can see I’m a freak of humanity at only 4ft tall. I’m dressed in animal skin, and wear a cloth over my face most of the time. If you see my without this “mask” you notice horrible scarring over my lower face and neck. I wear a dagger at my side and have a personally made sling. When asked about my past, I’ll tell you, “I grew up in a jungle/swamp environment, and my parents are dead. When my parents died I came to the coast to look for work at the shipyards. I’m not much of a people person…hopefully I’ve given enough info about my past. My apologies for not asking about yours in turn.”

Grynn Greenbottle

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