Grynn Greenbottle

Halfsized rogue with terribily scared face


Rogue, Str 14, dex 20, con 17, int 18, wis 14, cha 6


“My name is Grynn (pronounced Grin) Greenbottle.” You can see I’m a freak of humanity at only 4ft tall. I’m dressed in animal skin, and wear a cloth over my face most of the time. If you see my face without this “mask” you notice horrible scarring over my lower face and neck. I wear a dagger (short sword at my size) at my side and have a personally made sling. When asked about my past, I’ll tell you, “I grew up in a jungle/swamp environment, and my parents are dead. When my parents died I came to the coast to look for work at the shipyards. I’m not much of a people person…hopefully I’ve given enough info about my past. My apologies for not asking about yours in turn.”

Full story:

Grynn’s parents looked normal, but somehow he turned out very short. The family started out living in a small village close to the swamps and jungles. However, their experiments with alchemy and magic made the locals nervous and suspicious of them. Because of this, sometimes the neighbors or their children would play pranks on them. His family would try to alert the authorities and complain to the village guardians about this, but they did little.

One of these pranks had horrible consequences. One of their neighbors had caught a monkey from the nearby jungle and released it in their house through an open window, and then they closed the window, trapping the monkey inside. The monkey trashed the house and found it’s way to the laboratory. Before they could stop it, the monkey had knocked some chemical bottles over, mixing things that shouldn’t be mixed. The chemicals splashed onto Grynn leaving him horribly disfigured. His parents were able to kill the monkey, but they had had enough.

They decided to move deep into the jungle to live away from the village. Though Grynn was only 8 at the time of the accident, it had a lasting effect. He hated monkeys. He became proficient with a sling he made for himself, and he would hunt them any time he could to help provide food for his family. Sometimes he would catch critters he would find in the jungle, and take them back to the old village and release them in his old neighbors’ houses as an act of revenge/mischief. Because of this and the hunting of monkeys, he learned to move quietly, and hide or run away if anyone tried to catch him, or call the authorities on them. Sometimes he would pull pranks on the village guardians too. He found it hypocritical that the guardians would try to catch him for the same thing the neighbors had done to him. He distrusted organized law, and grew up having no respect for it. Living in the jungle he learned things about surviving in nature. He became quite good at finding pitfalls and quicksand, and escaping them if he didn’t notice them in time. He showed an interest in his parents’ experiments, but didn’t quite put enough time in to grasp mastery of magic or alchemy.

One sad year, Grynn’s parents contracted a horrible fever from mosquito bites. They passed away without being able to find a cure. Grynn left home, left the jungle, and decided to head toward the coast. He started looking for work on the ships. He didn’t mind dealing with people as long as they didn’t ask too many questions. If anyone started digging too much into his past, he would either shut down or say something offensive to drive them away. Normally Grynn preferred to wear a cloth that covered his face, to avoid questions about his scars. If Grynn caught anyone playing pranks on someone because they were different, Grynn would do something to even the score. Usually secretly without them knowing…like stealing valuable items from them, or putting insects in their bed sheets. Rarely would he confront someone alone face to face…unless the victim of the thug was paying him well for it. Grynn developed a fondness for cats. He appreciated how carefully and calmly they moved (unlike the monkey), and how quietly they moved as well. He also respected how they could spring into action quickly to catch prey. He would befriend the cats at the docks, feeding them bits of food. Grynn had a thirst for adventure. He’d heard rumors of powerful individuals and powerful items. He hopes one day to find a way to make his scars heal and disappear.

Grynn Greenbottle

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