Hallumi Flet

Gnome Shaman with a Riding Dog


STR 11, DEX 17, CON 19, INT 15, WIS 18, CHA 7


The dog was immense, ferocious looking and always seemed to be watching you. Lunza was his name, and one felt the dog’s raw power emanating from him and there was no need to state the obvious, “Do Not Touch” was written all over his face. It was only then that most folks noticed the little gnome either sitting atop the dog like a horse, or nestled back to back if the dog was lying down. Probably around 20-25 in human years (he was, in fact, nearly 90), he looked like a mere toddler as he must have had to stretch to claim 3’ in height. Dressed in rustic garb of green and leathers, he had an ill-mannered look that didn’t go away, even with a sincere smile and twinkle in his bright blue eyes. Wariness continued upon sighting his little spear, worn knife, and the distinctive courier case worn by the infamous Gnome Courier Service…with the motto “Anytime, Anywhere, by any Means Necessary, We’ll Deliver…No Questions Asked!” Hallumi Flet was used to the stares; he’d experienced them even among his own people all his life. Always the smallest, always overlooked, always disregarded, he’d tried to find his place in Gnomish life. He was gifted, and was usually one of the best in whatever he tried, but folks just didn’t seem to care much for him after a while. His parents, both alchemists of modest skills, supported his endeavors. After many years and many jobs, he was recruited and trained by the Gnome Courier Service, and finally found a profession he excelled at. Trained to ride ponies, dogs, giant albatross, and even dolphins, he spent decades making difficult and dangerous deliveries. That ended on the fateful day he met an old, wizened shaman deep in a forest who eventually recruited and trained him in their ways. Many years later, Hallumi and Lunza set out on a great adventure together, tasked to gather information and experience the world before returning to their order.

Hallumi Flet

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