Dragonkin Paladin


Strength 17, Dexterity 6, Constitution 12 , Intelligence 13 , Wisdom 15 , Charisma 20


Once I was known as Adin Rivert, but now as the Champion for The Great Dragon, I am known simply as Kopek. Strong, wise, and princely with Draconian features (a blessing I was given from my lord) green serpentine eyes, a dragons head, a tail, unblemished except for an ugly scar on the left side of my chest.
I appear as a paladin recognized by my Draconian helm and shield bearing my lords symbol of an golden sun upon the forehead of a dragon. But now I travel across strange new lands where my lord is not even known and many fear my appearance. So I am covered head -to-tail with armor so as not to startle any who do not know or understand what I am. I continue spreading my lord’s name with my deeds until I am ready to fight an unholy terror that I must one day defeat.


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