Lucky Harding

Human; thin but all muscle. Looks like a sailor or a pirate


Lucky Harding is 18. HE was only 5’ tall but was used to being small, he had been small his whole life. However, he was only 135 pounds with not an ounce of fat, all muscle. He could run, jump, and sneak around like none other. Even his Father Chip could see his potential when he was younger. That he cold can get into places Chip couldn’t. Where had Father gotten himself to this time Lucky wondered. They has supposed to have been at Crux, but had failed to show up. Lucky thought back to how his parents met.:
Glory Rampart was a young woman when she ran away. Her abusive parents and hostile tribe made life unbearable. She lived along the coast, and was 16 when she had had enough. Her father yelled at her often, and nothing she did was right. Once in a while he would beat her with a belt. Her parents made her work constantly, and didn’t let her go to school past the 5 years. They said they needed her to run their restaurant and inn.

It was a cloudy rainy night, and her father had just beat her with a belt. Some customer had complained that their sheets were dirty. She knew she had put clean sheets in the guests bedroom, but most likely the dishonest customer was trying to get a discount. She grabbed a flask of water, some bread and cheese, and slipped away. Her feet walked at first, getting to the edge of the village, then her steps quickened. Lightly she ran toward the coast, to the beach. The rain pelted hard against her hooded cloak.

For two days she traveled along the beach heading south, keeping to the trees. She was out of food and water now. She was so hungry and thirsty. On the third morning the sun was high and hot. She needed water. Close to the beach was a large ship. A black flag with skull and cross bones was flying. The men along the shore looked tough. No they didn’t all have eye patches and wooden legs. They looked weather beaten and strong. One man, smaller than the rest looked up and saw her. She fell to the ground, and he ran up to her. He was so quick. He gave her water and food. She recovered quickly and asked if she could join the men. They were happy to have her, they needed a cook, and the young man took an instant liking to her.

After a year at sea, raiding the kings ships, and some villages, she was in love with this man, Chip Harding. Chip was small, but quick and smart. He was one of the best fighters on the ship, not with brute force, but tricky and he knew how to move. He was a gentleman with Glory, but no man would dare cross him, because his temper was hot, and they knew Chip loved her, and so no man dared touch her or look at her wrong. They decided to get married, and soon she was pregnant. All went well for 7 months, but one day when they were at port, and she stayed back on the ship with just a couple men, while the rest of the men went in to the village to buy food and supplies, another ship pulled up along side and a group of men jumped across, swords drawn. They killed the two men that were on the ship, and grabbed Glory and whatever else they could. Then they carved their insignia on the deck of the ship. It was their calling card. They were a very aggressive blood thirsty group of pirate, and not many dared cross them.

For 3 weeks Glory was held for ransom. She was beaten and starved, and her pregnancy was wearing her down. She could feel herself going into labor, and knew it was too soon. Her captors laughed and told her to just have the child and told her they would kill the baby and send him as a message to Chip and the crew, to show they were serious. She cried profusely, begging the gods, or God, or whoever to help her. That night as she felt her water break, She saw the man guarding her fall to the ground. there was a dagger in his back. Chip snuck into the cell, and opened the door for her. He picked her up and carried her out to safety. She had her baby safely aboard Chip’s ship that night, and she thought of how lucky she was.

The baby was 5 weeks premature, and they didn’t know if he would make it. They named him Lucky Harding. Lucky because Glory was rescued just in time. Through careful nursing, Lucky made it. He survived. He seemed healthy, but as he grew older, he grew much smaller than normal children his age. His mother taught him how to read. He was smart. And soon they learned he was quick and nimble like his father. His father taught him to use daggers, and how to sneak around. He learned how to pick locks, how to use the stars for direction, and how to sail a ship. By his early teens, Chip was still not 5 feet tall, but he was wiry, quick, and a fierce fighter. Most people barely noticed him, and he could slight of hand about anything he wanted.

By the time Lucky Harding was 17 years old he had taken his place alongside the men, Then Chip sent Lucky away to a special training camp where he could learn skills useful to a pirate. “Lucky, I want you to learn everything you can. Your mother and I will stay out to sea,” Next year in April when the moon is full, we will port at Crux." “Come find us then. Until then, learn what you can, and find some friends to get some experience.”

Lucky Harding

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