Norin Anlee (Oathkeeper)

Dwarven fighter with scared, pockmarked face


Dwarf Fighter : Strength 18, Dexterity 16, Constitution 19, Intelligence 12, Wisdom 15, Charisma 4


Fifty years ago, a dwarf showed up at the Big Deal Mine. He had a heavy heart and hoped his friend Ranold Anlee could help. The Dwarven Council had read the runes of their sooth sayers and all the signs pointed to an upcoming cataclysmic event that might end the dwarven race forever. Scared for his newborn son’s life, Krag Oathkeeper convinced his wife that they should temporarily send their son Norin to his old friend Ranold until things calmed down. Ranold and Krag had fought in the Goblin Wars together and Krag knew Ranold would treat Norin like his own son. As he waved good bye, Krag couldn’t have guessed this would be the last time he saw his son.

Norin grew up with the family of miners. As a baby, Norin contracted a human disease that left his face pock marked and scared. When Ranold grew older, he spent less time in the mine leaving Norin to run daily business. Unfortunately, a cave-in closed off the silver vein in the Big Deal Mine. Attempts to reopen the silver vein proved unsuccessful and the Anlee business closed.

Needing money, Norin joined a mercenary company called the Scarlet Dragons. For the first two years mercenary life suited Norin and he quickly raised through the company ranks until the company raided a gnomish community. When the leader of the Scarlet Dragons told Norin to round up the gnomish children and kill them, Norin refused. The leader of the Scarlet Dragons told two of his bodyguards to kill Norin. Faced with no other choice, Norin killed the bodyguards and fled the Scarlet Dragons for good. Now, Norin is looking for employment and maybe even a little adventure.

Norin Anlee (Oathkeeper)

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