Very thin and weak Priest


Priest of Great Protector – Not a cleric, does not engage in melee combat. Can pray to regain spells multiple times a day.

A year and a half ago, Zeek was discovered to be inflicted with a magical disease that no divine means (besides miracle) could cure. This sickness would slowly sap his strength and physical ability until he dies to it. At the same time the disease adds to his physical health and injury repair. The temple leaders managed to give Zeek a time-frame for his remaining lifespan, and he had from three to four years. (1.5-2.5 left). Zeek realized that he can not protect those he cares for, or fight evil, with the little time left in his life. Now, instead of fighting evil, he will seek to assist and save the lives of those he believes are fighting for a good cause, whether that is against the law or not. This has led him to leave his home behind, in fear of hurting those he cares for when he does eventually die, and begin the journey to Luskan, to attempt to heal those trapped between the two armies in the war that’s brewing.


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