Westron by the Ocean

To Kill a Pirate Captain

This game was with Halumi, Kopek, Catanaya, Zeek (DM) and Grynn.

(Lee was missing, Lucky was with an old girlfriend, the Dwarf was drunk, and Merrick the Bard was working at the Inn for some gold.)

The party cased out the pirates and determined a time when they were vulnerable due to most being drunk, and then promptly forgot the plan and went with a different plan.

While in the Pickled Pepper Catyana talked to some of the pirates, while her and Halumi pretended to be in a disagreement about money. Eventually, Halumi made a deal with hostile 1st Mate Her-man of the Whorehunter to “sell” her. Meanwhile Grynn and Catanya determined each pirate had a tattoo showing which ship they belonged to.

So the party talked with their Paladin Kopek and came up with a plan to “arrest” or capture the slaverunning Captain Horik using non lethal damage. Zeek insisted he would heal them to prevent death so they planned to capture them and turn them over to Captain Lark.

Grynn went to Captain Lark to tell him the plan. He met the 1st mate, Red Robin. They agreed to the plan to meet them with the captured people in a peasant hovel just after 3am. However, Red Robin told Grynn there was no way they could defeat Captain Horik in open fight. He gave Grynn some poison (which Grynn did not tell the rest of the party about)

The party met early behind the Whore hunter Inn. They took out a crewman so Grynn could copy his face with Disguise self.

When Her-man came out, he brougth Slimy Sally and a plant creature with him. The party pretended to have Catanya tied up on Hallumi’s Riding Dog, but when the ruse was discovered the battle started. The summoned plant creature grappled Catayna and tried to pull her into the inn. She went into a rage and cut the creature to shreds. A tough fight followed, while Grynn ran around the building and into the front door disguised as the crew member.

The Fight outside was going hard, Kopek running away at one point, but the party managed to drop Her-man at which point Zeek used heal minor to stable the pirate. Before being defeated though, he had poisoned Catanya who fell unconscious. Feeling desperate, Sally cast Obscuring Fog and ran into the Inn where Grynn was lying in wait for the pirate Captain.

Zeek managed to heal the poison but Catanya remained fatigued through the rest of the battle.

A fight with all the drunk crew in the inn followed. The Captain made for a careful escape out the front, but Grynn around the inn again, and in a freindly gestured slapped the Captain on the arm with the contact poison. The first time did nto affect teh Cpatain, but a second , awkward hand on the shoulder did the trick. Grynn moved off into the fight still pretending to be a pirate.

The poisoned and slowed Captain left the building with three body guards. Fearing he would get away, Halumi and Grynn followed, but by this time Halumi’s dog had taken a lot of damage and Zeek had been very busy casting heals on Kopek, Catanya, Halumi while they fought in the battle with the crew.

Kopek killed Sally with such a vicious blow there was no saving her. Zeek was upset, but Kopek had detected evil in her Clerical magic and felt justified. Due to fatigue , Catanya tried her bow inside the inn, but gave up with frustration and charged in cutting pirates to pieces too small for Zeek to heal. Zeek was now out of cure lights and only had minors left.

Halumi and Grynn delayed the Captain, while the fight inside played out. The poison was having a big effect on the Captain, but his fighting skill still came through, and their lives almost ended a number of times. The Captain used his Feint and bluff skill to set up a deadly sneak attack multiple times but the poison kept cramping his arms muscles and he failed to deliver the killing blow. The dog escape certain death, and Grynn avoided it twice.

Kopek and Catanya finished up the fight inside and came out of the inn with Zeek, just in time. The party defeated the three body guards and chased down the Captain. The Captain had been moving out of melee range repeatedly, but the missiles were wounding him and wearing him down. He closed with Kopek, feinted and delivered a killing strike, the rest of party could only look on as Kopek dropped to the ground.

They fought on, and the Captain closed again with the same plan for Catanya, but she struck first and hit him with a deadly blow. As Zeek prepared to heal him so they could capture him, but the Captain grabbed Catanya and pulled himself further onto the sword, spitting blood in her face, saying he would “see her in hell.” He was beyond Zeek’s healing.

They took Her-man and the two bodies to the hovel where Red Robin was waiting. They left them there with plans to go the ship and take out 2nd mate Das-turd-Lee.

Before they could do that, they were ambushed, and knocked out.

The entire party awoke, naked and chained up in a dark, dank dungeon. Even Kopek was there, inexplicably alive. They were beat up rather bad, but an unchained Zeek was walking around providing minor heals. All were there except the Bard, even Dagic.

The Head pirate Captain Ragnar came in with his 1st mate Bjorn and Cleric Athelstan. He offered them a deal. Work for him, under a geas to ensure their loyalty and after a certain number of missions, he would set them free and perhaps even reward them. They had skills that he needed to accomplish goals he had.
He told them he preferred they willingly submit to the geas and the missions, but his Cleric would cast the spell regardless. For any that proved resistant, they would stay behind in the dungeon as insurance for the others. The spell would ensure they did nothing against the interests of Ragnar or the Eye of the Storm Crew. Althelstan explained that they may not be require to do acts that would go against their morals, but he couldn’t guarantee that.

All except Kopekk willing accepted the mission and geas, but Kopek failed the will save so is under a geas as well.



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