Westron by the Ocean

Trip across the Island

This is an abbreviated telling of this adventure because i didn’t sit down to do this until now, months later.

The Captain of the Seafin task the party to travel across the jungle infested island to a small port town to rent or buy a small ship to take them and the cargo to their destination.

The party chose Dadgric, the Cleric of water and weather to join them across the island. It was very hot and the group grew fatigued quick, but between Zeek and Dagric’s ability to cast a magical endurance to Elements, the party was able to manage.

A swarm of centipedes was in the path but attacking them proved ineffective. Eventually the party figured out to use splash weapons and area effects, but not before some were poisoned.

Next a group of python’s attacked, pulling the last character in the marching line, up into the trees. The party managed to notice in time to save him and fight off the snakes.

They came upon a Lizardfolk encampment. The Lizardfolk were unfriendly until they saw Kopek. They worship dragons and Kopek’s dragon heritage proved very influential. In fact, the LizardFolk Chieftain gave many favors in return for Kopek publicly acknowledging this Lizardfolk Chieftain as blessed by the Dragon-kin and the preferred leader of the tribe. Kopek struggled with the wording until it was something he could say truthfully, but did make a speech that satisfied the Chieftain.

Unfortunately after they left the village, many lizardfolk warriors who did not share the Chieftain’s view sprang an ambush on the party. It was a tough fight, but party defeated the lizardfolk without loosing a single character.

They arrived at the town only to find it overrun with pirates. Lucky was able to bluff them using his family name, that he was a Pirate Captain and had brought his crew here after shipwrecking on the island. The guards let them all in. After exploring the town a bit, and learning no ships could be obtained due to a ban by the Head Pirate Captain Ragnar.

The party went to the Pickled Pepper Inn on top of the hill land learned that his was neutral territory among the 10 pirate crews. They also met a friend of Lee’s, JustJim. JustJIm told them his Capt Lark of the Rum King was a good Capt to talk to about a ship. Grynn also made acquaintance with the owner of the Pickled Pepper, a retired halfling adventurer. They obtained a room from the Inn Owner. The halfling owner was an old companion of Ragnar and had established this inn as neutral territory when Ragnar took over the town.
He told the party a few Captains to stay away from. (Captain Blade of the Blood Pool and Captain Horik of the Whore Hunters)

The party went to talk to Captain Lark who said he would provide a ship, the WhoreHunter, after the party killed Captain Horick and his Officers. They party said they would think about it.



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